The novels “For Love”, and “The Sin” are literary fiction. In both novels, the protagonists are female and this doesn’t happen by accident. Having grown up in a small country, these women eventually have to face the big, wild, unknown world.

     Through lines, the reader can read about Keit and Elma’s difficulties. Their life is a constant struggle to survive. In the name of love, man commits an unwilling sin. Currently, I’m working on my third novel, due to be published in May 2018.

The Sin is that generational book that helps you to understand a time, a place and a culture. The scope of the story is enhanced by its intimacy and the vivid characters. Poverty and loneliness led people to crime and the easy way of making money. The fall of communism in 1990’s in Albania, changed the life of the people in the small Balkan country.....
“For Love”, is the first novel of Teuta which is published in Tirana, October 2012. A young journalist graduated in the Netherlands returns to her country. She was full of dreams and hope. It turned out that all the doors were slammed in her face, and she has to leave her country.